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When Can You Take a Paternity Test?

A paternity test is used to compare the DNA of a child to the DNA of a potential father in order to establish paternity. There are several ways to go about establishing paternity. While some tests may be performed before the child is born, the safest and easiest method is after the child is born…. Read more »

Can You Test for Paternity While Pregnant?

In a word, YES, you can test for paternity while pregnant. Advances in prenatal DNA testing have made it possible to know the paternity of a baby before birth. The easiest and most innovative way to perform a paternity test before birth is the DDC non-invasive prenatal paternity test. This test can be performed as… Read more »

Why Isn’t There a Paternity Test That Provides Instant Results?

While it is possible to detect pregnancies almost immediately using in store pregnancy tests that detect specific proteins associated with pregnancy, DNA paternity testing is more complicated. Scientists are learning more about the relatively new science of DNA every day, but as of now, there is no “instant result” paternity test. Here are some of… Read more »

Paternity Leave: Equality for Dads

If there’s one thing our friends in Northern Europe know besides how to furnish a home, it’s parenting. The cold winters of Sweden are exceptionally warm to new fathers when a baby is born to a citizen. While mothers get paid leave from their employment, fathers also receive a paternity leave to help raise their… Read more »

Testing for Paternity Later in Life

While many paternity tests are conducted on newborn infants, thousands of families also take DNA tests purely for their own peace of mind later in life. Perhaps there was a discrepancy in the past in terms of a mix-up at the hospital or just inaccurate records, no matter what the relation, there is a human… Read more »

Top 5 Celebrity Paternity Stories of 2014

From TV plot lines to tabloid magazines, celebrities who took paternity tests often end up in the limelight. Here are some of the top 5 celebrity DNA test stories of 2014 from the real and imagined world of Hollywood: British actor, Alan Cumming recently wrote a memoir called Not My Father’s Son, a book about… Read more »