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How Accurate Are Cheek Swabs for Paternity Tests?

Are you considering a DNA test for personal or legal reasons? DNA is everywhere in your body, it’s your unique stamp that separates you from the billions of others on our planet. So while some crime-sleuthing TV shows may use blood samples for their DNA collection, they could also use a sample from another part… Read more »

Finland’s Baby Box Program

Putting a newborn baby in a cardboard box seems like cruel and unusual punishment, but in Finland, it has been a tradition since the 1930s. This quirky rite-of-passage for Finnish parents is part of the maternity package each new mother receives when their child is born. One of these “baby boxes” includes several sets of… Read more »

Why Is a DNA Paternity Test Important?

If you are entering parenthood for the first time, or already have the minivan in tow, this is an exciting time! If anxieties about the biological father are weighing you down, there are options. Science has come a long way and today’s technology can now deduce the paternal father with just a non-invasive cheek swab… Read more »


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