How Accurate Are Cheek Swabs for Paternity Tests?

Are you considering a DNA test for personal or legal reasons? DNA is everywhere in your body, it’s your unique stamp that separates you from the billions of others on our planet. So while some crime-sleuthing TV shows may use blood samples for their DNA collection, they could also use a sample from another part of the body as your DNA is the same everywhere.

While a blood test seems like the most trustworthy solution when it comes to testing a child for paternity, the buccal cheek swab is just as accurate. So what makes cheek swabs so efficient? The cells of the mouth can be easily procured since with a buccal swab to scrape off the vast amounts of DNA on the inside of the cheek. The buccal swab method is faster, cost effective and all around less frightening than a blood test.

If you are taking a DNA paternity test at home, you must first make sure that you and/or the parties involved have a clean mouth If there is any leftover residue from lunchtime or a buildup of bacteria, the results may come back inconclusive. Why you may ask? Because the buccal swab is only collecting what it can find, and that might be a whole lot of germs or food!

Another factor you must take into consideration is moisture in the mouth. Simply put, prolonged wetness is almost always an invitation for bacteria. So after you do your test and buccal swab your mouth, make sure not to place your sample in plastic, but rather the paper envelope provided so the buccal swab samples can dry naturally.

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