How can I determine if I am the father of a child?

There may come a time in your life when you’re unsure whether or not your partner’s baby is your child. Whether or not you need this information for a personal matter or if the issue has legal implications, you may need or want to find out if the baby belongs to you. Although there are different methods of taking paternity tests, if it’s for legal reasons, you will need a paternity test that is admissible for court procedures.

But if you just need a paternity test for personal reasons, a home paternity test kit is an easy solution to provide you with peace of mind. With a home paternity test kit, you’re able to administer the test from the comfort and privacy of your own home and then mail the samples in to the lab for analysis. Results of the paternity test usually take just a few business days and are accessible online using your unique user ID and password.

The home paternity test kits from are very easy to use, and easy to find—as close as your nearest Walgreens. The test comes in a package that has three sets of swabs, instructions, and pre-paid mailers. Following the instructions provided, you just have to gently rub the swab on the inside of your mouth, and then do the same for the child with another swab. There is also a third swab to use for the mother if she is available and participating in the test, but this is not necessary to receive accurate results. Afterwards, you send the swabs in the pre-paid mailers for our lab to test the DNA to determine if you and the child are related. Results of the analysis usually take just two business days. When your results are ready, you will receive an email notifying you to access your results from the website.

The process is affordable, easy, and readily accessible. Alleviate your paternity concerns today. Home paternity test kits are available from Walgreens in store and online.