Can You Test for Paternity While Pregnant?

In a word, YES, you can test for paternity while pregnant. Advances in prenatal DNA testing have made it possible to know the paternity of a baby before birth.

The easiest and most innovative way to perform a paternity test before birth is the DDC non-invasive prenatal paternity test. This test can be performed as early as the 8th week of pregnancy. The first step is to call DDC at 1-800-613-5768 to have a Paternity Consultant assist you in answering any of your questions, and help find a local participating lab near you for collecting blood sample from both the pregnant mother and the alleged father. The blood work is sent in to DDC, results are available in five days or fewer.

There are other prenatal methods to find the paternity, but the come with inherent risks to the fetus. The risks are minimal, but should be considered. The methods are by collecting DNA samples from amniocentesis or CVS (chorionic villi sample). Whichever method you and your doctor decide on, results can be readily available through DDC’s lab, with 100% accuracy.

There are certainly advantages to prenatal paternity testing. Couples can plan knowing with confidence in who the father is. It can resolve doubt as early as possible. The challenge to many is the cost. Prenatal testing is always more expensive than testing after the child is born. It’s common for those seeking a paternity test to wait until the child is born, and then pursue testing. At this point, the main things to consider are the differences between paternity tests that provide legal results versus those that provide peace of mind.

For peace of paternity testing, the answer may be as close as the nearest pharmacy. By visiting, you can find a nearby pharmacy and buy a DNA paternity test kit. Simply collect the DNA from the baby with cheek swabs immediately after birth, as well as from the alleged father, and follow the instructions in the kit as to how to return the samples to DDC. You can register your information on the website, and have results as soon as 1 day after the samples arrive at our laboratory.

If you still have questions about DNA paternity testing, visit the MyDNATest FAQ page or Store Locator page to find a store near you to purchase a DNA test kit. The process is simple and fast, with results available online.