Celebrities and Paternity Testing

Celebrities and Paternity Testing seem to go hand in hand 

With so many celebrities having babies, or being accused of fathering babies, it seems that the biggest thing going on behind the scenes in Hollywood is an increase in DNA paternity tests. Think about all the times you’ve been surprised to learn that one of your favorite celebrities is wrapped up in paternity accusations! Yes there’s the ‘who’s dating who,’ but as soon as there’s a baby on the way, the TMZ’s and other celebrity investigators are there to see if there is any drama as to Who’s the Daddy?

Celebrities are a Target

Sure, the scenario is a familiar one. Wild celebrity guy has the reputation for partying. He’s rich, he’s successful, he’s talented—and he’s rich! Women used to be able to throw out a lot more accusations before the simple DNA paternity test was available to squash any rumors. Now, the women seeking the limelight (and the money!) probably has to be a little more sure of herself, or the guy can just get the test done and be done.

It’s when the guy drags out the testing that we start to wonder if there’s a chance she’s right. Or there’s the recent Chris Brown case, where he wants to hurry up with the test to prove he IS the daddy, because he wants to spend more time with his 1 year old daughter, Destiny. He’s stepping up.

Just Do It.

There is nothing wrong with getting a DNA paternity test. In fact, it is one of the smartest decisions a person could ever make to know for certain if they are the father of a particular child or not. It doesn’t matter how much money or fame a person has. No child should have to grow up without the love, support or presence of their biological father, even if one of their parents is a celebrity.

Celebrities are setting a great example for many of their fans in regards to DNA paternity testing. They don’t hesitate to get one once their name is tossed out there as a potential father. They recognize that the earlier they find out for sure if they are the father, the sooner they can take the next step in dealing with the situation the right way.

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