What if I didn’t do the at-home paternity test the correct way?

There can be a lot of anxiety associated with taking a paternity test at home, what if you do it wrong? With such an important, often life changing test, people tend to over think the process, and thus create unnecessary worries in their head. Luckily, MyDNATest offers a simple step-by-step process to ensure accuracy.

First, if you administer the cheek swab incorrectly, the test may come back as inconclusiveSome of the reasons it can be inconclusive stem from:


  • Food or bacteria was present in the mouths of one or more parties taking the test
  • The wet swabs were kept in plastic, and was not allowed to dry properly
  • The envelopes of cheek samples were mislabeled when sent to DDC
  • There was not enough cheek cell DNA on the swab


To combat one or more of these errors, follow the instructions carefully. Make sure to thoroughly swab the clean cheeks of all individuals to get all the genetic materiel needed to establish paternity. After the test,  put the swabs directly into the correct labeled paper envelopes (provided), and let them air dry for a couple hours. Then place all necessary material into the return envelope it’s ready to mail.

If you are concerned, and prefer to have your DNA collected by a professional, you may also get collected through one of DDC’s affiliated collection facilities, located nationwide. A technician can administer the test for ease of mind, as well as any legal reasons you may have.

For further questions about at home DNA paternity testing, visit the MyDNATest FAQ page or give us a call at 1-800-329-7519 for US residents outside of New York State and 1-800-681-7502 for NY residents.