Difference Between an At-Home and Legal DNA Paternity Test

There are several different reasons why one may be interested in a DNA paternity test. Sometimes, the reason for a paternity test is for peace of mind, while at other times the test may be needed for legal reasons such as child custody. Because there are different reasons for paternity testing, there are different types of paternity tests: the court admissible paternity test and the home paternity test.

What Is a Legally Admissible Paternity Test?

A legally admissible paternity test is one that meets the court’s standards. For example, an alleged father can present the result in court and obtain rights such as visitation to his child. For the results to be legally admissible, DNA must be collected from each individual at an approved collection location, under specific guidelines, where ID is checked for each person.

What is a Home Paternity Test?

A regular home paternity test provides peace of mind, but can’t be used in court. The home test is where you buy a kit—from Walgreen’s for example–that has the DNA collection materials needed to collect your own DNA. It’s actually very simple. Then you send the swabs with the DNA to the laboratory, and they provide the results in a couple days—usually online.

How Does the Paternity Test Work?

The myDNAtest.com paternity test kit is easy to use. The test comes in a package that has three sets of swabs, instructions, and pre-paid mailers. The user will swab the inside of the mouth of the suspected father and the child. The mother’s participation is optional. The home kit allows the parties to take the specimen collections at home, but the results will not be admissible in court. The legal test must be completed at a collection facility, and the parent can use the results in court.

Who Should Take a Paternity Test?

Paternity tests should be taken by anyone wanting to gain peace of mind or anyone seeking legal rights. For those wanting peace of mind, an at-home DNA paternity test provides a simple, accurate, and convenient solution to determine parental status. For those who need court-admissible results, the legal DNA test is a simple and easy solution.  Whatever the reason for needing a paternity test, the myDNAtest.com Paternity Test is affordable, hassle-free and reliable. Interested persons can find both legal and at-home DNA tests in many Walgreens locations.