Facts about DNA Paternity Testing

A Few Facts About DNA Paternity Testing

In this day and age, more children are growing up in fatherless homes than 20-30 years ago. While some of these children will eventually go on to learn who their fathers are, others won’t. Can you imagine not knowing your own father is, perhaps only hearing rumors about who he might be? Fortunately, anyone can find out who his or her father is with a simple DNA paternity test.

How the Test Works

A DNA test can be performed at any time, regardless of one’s health and age. All that is required is a sample of DNA from the child and possible father. The sample can be obtained from a simple cheek swab or a few strands of plucked hair. The test analyses the genetic markers of each person and determines whether they have enough matching “alleles” in common to establish paternity. The test is more than 99.999 percent accurate, and if collected properly, can be used in court.

It’s as Close as your nearest Walgreens

Not long ago, the only way to get a DNA paternity test was to petition the family court in your county and wait months for the process to play out. Not today! You can order a test online, or simply walk to a Walgreens and buy a test kit. Results can be ready within a week.

Life is far too short for you or anyone to waste it speculating about who your father is—if you think you know who it is. You may need parental information some day. Knowing who your father is can help you to know your health since you’ll be more informed about your family health history. The information can also help to provide you with closure if you feel that not knowing has been a hole in your life. Do yourself a favor and get the facts by taking a DNA paternity test today. Contact us to learn more about the “do-it-yourself” DNA paternity process.