Paternity Leave: Equality for Dads

If there’s one thing our friends in Northern Europe know besides how to furnish a home, it’s parenting. The cold winters of Sweden are exceptionally warm to new fathers when a baby is born to a citizen. While mothers get paid leave from their employment, fathers also receive a paternity leave to help raise their child in infancy.

Some countries are adopting the idea of a man having less face time with a newborn due to his inherited responsibility to the financial survival of the family as outdated as the notion of “no women in the workplace” or the “glass ceiling mentality.” Equal rights comes in many shapes and forms, even for men.

The earliest stages of an infant’s life are by far the most important until a child enters puberty. It seems that natural law would govern that a father be just as involved in this process as the mother, since the life of raising a baby is far from a simple task. A father being present to relieve part of the stress and burden seems like a more than reasonable concept to benefit the health of a new family unit.

A recent MSNBC article on the subject reported: “Yes, we have the Family Medical Leave Act which forces medium and large companies to hold your job while you take up to 12 weeks of leave, but it doesn’t guarantee pay. According to Department of Labor statistics, about 11.5 % of workplaces in this country voluntarily provide paid leave for some employees.”

Certain criteria would most certainly need to set upon the concept in order to ensure reasonable guidelines and functionality to any new legislation; but that is putting the cart before the horse, as the greatest issue here is a one-track-minded society putting aside long standing norms to the potential betterment of mankind. Should this idea be embraced as common logic, the wheels of progress may begin to turn at a much faster rate in this society.