Top 5 Celebrity Paternity Stories of 2014

From TV plot lines to tabloid magazines, celebrities who took paternity tests often end up in the limelight. Here are some of the top 5 celebrity DNA test stories of 2014 from the real and imagined world of Hollywood:

  1. British actor, Alan Cumming recently wrote a memoir called Not My Father’s Son, a book about his life and the identity of his true father. For nearly forty years, the Cumming family was under the impression that Alan was not biologically related to his father. However, after a DNA paternity test, Alan found that his father was indeed his true blood relative. The book goes further into their relationship before and after the test was taken and can be found at local bookstores.
  2. If fictional drama is more your cup of tea, then you have probably heard about the latest scandal on the popular soap opera, The Young and the Restless. It is rumored that Sharon’s big secret will be revealed to about tampering with the DNA test. Victor will also get the answers he needs from Faith’s paternity test. That’s a whole lot of baby mama drama!
  3. Love and Hip Hop has become a popular show since its debut on VH1 nearly two years ago. In real life, however, rapper Omarion and his girlfriend and baby’s presumed mother have since broken up after she refused to take a paternity test. There is no word yet if Omarion will take the case to court in order to determine if he’s the baby’s true father.
  4. A Belgian sculptor named Delphine Boel is making the case that she belongs to royalty, claiming that she is King Albert II’s daughter. Her royal ties haven’t been proven yet, but a recent DNA paternity test confirmed that her assumed biological father is indeed not her blood relative, making the case even more exciting. While the King has since stepped down and his son Philippe has taken over the Belgian throne, the public can only wait to see what unfolds next!
  5. Accusations against rapper, Soulja Boy of fathering a child are not new. The alleged boy in question is now five years old, but only recently has the truth come out that he is not the biological parent. That’s a long time of not knowing!

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