What is a DNA Paternity Test?

A paternity test is used to determine whether or not a child came from a potential father. A paternity test can resolve any doubts that the parents may have. Some expecting parents delay taking a paternity test because they are unsure how it works. They don’t understand how simple the process is, or they think it’s very expensive. Such people may want to know if they can take a paternity test at home, or if they have to visit a lab.

Can a Paternity Test Be Administered at Home?

A home test is a simple kit that allows a participant to collect the DNA needed for a paternity test from the comfort of his residence. The test is not difficult to administer. It requires a simple cheek swab from the potential father and child. The customer can obtain the results in a few as two days. It is necessary to pay a lab fee so that the lab can process the test, but the small fee is worth the peace of mind. A court admissible paternity test requires a few more steps that adhere to legal standards. myDNAtest.com offers both types of tests.

Reasons to Take a Paternity Test

The main reason that people want to take a paternity test is for peace of mind, but such a test can bring additional benefits. First, a paternity test can establish paternal rights for a man who wishes to be a part of his child’s life. Secondly, the test can give a woman the legal evidence she needs to obtain various types of support. Taking a DNA test reveals the truth to all parties involved.

 Types of Paternity Tests

Two main types of tests exist: a legally admissible test and home DNA test. A legally admissible test is one that the parent can take to court to establish visitation rights, child support, healthcare and more. Most courts will accept such tests as proof that a child is the son or daughter of the plaintiff or defendant. Once the courts establish legal paternity, the parent can request the relief that he or she would like to obtain.

The home test is a simpler option. The kit is purchased at a local store, like Walgreens, and the DNA is collected at home. It’s then sent in a kit to a laboratory, where the test is completed in just 2 days, and the results are ready online. It’s equally as accurate as a legal test.

Where to Get Paternity Tests

myDNAtest.com paternity tests can be purchased at any participating Walgreen’s facility. An expecting parent will want to purchase a test from an established and reputable company to ensure the most accurate results.