DNA Paternity Testing in the State of New York

DDC’s New York DNA paternity test kits provide a fast, convenient, and cost–effective option for those with paternity questions.

All DNA Paternity testing in the state of New York requires authorizing agents, e.g., a doctor or lawyer. The collection process must be witnessed by a collection, considered a “neutral third-party”. This collection process is the same process used in court-admissible paternity testing in other states.

DDC makes it easy! Unlike other New York DNA Paternity test kits, DDC manages the entire scheduling and collection process. We have the most extensive and affordable collection network in the state of New York, which saves you Time and Money!

How a New York Paternity test works

Purchase the special DDC Paternity Test Kit for New York residents at your local Walgreens in New York. Next, contact DDC at the number provided in the kit so we can schedule your convenient DNA sample collection time.

What’s in the Box?

The Paternity Test Kit for New York Residents includes the following:

  • Instructions Booklet
  • Toll free number to contact DDC to schedule your collection appointment
  • Activation card which applies the cost of your purchase (up to $29) to your Court Admissible (aka Legal) Laboratory Test fee.

Paternity Testing Instructions Manual for New York resident (PDF)

The attention to thoroughness…

Angus M. | Jan 13, 2014

This morning I obtained the results of my DNA testing from my doctor…