Legal Paternity Testing

If you need a Court Admissible or Legal DNA Paternity Test – so the results can be used in a Legal document or in Court – then a Legal DNA Paternity Test must be performed.

Listed below are common reasons for this test:

  • Child Support
  • Birth Certificate
  • Court Order
  • Child Custody
  • Tax Forms
  • Adoption
  • Immigration
  • Will/Estate

DDC facilitates your Court Admissible DNA paternity test by scheduling and coordinating your DNA sample collection and documentation! To get started with your Legal DNA Paternity Test, purchase a DNA Paternity Test Kit at your local Walgreens store or at Walgreens Online. Then follow the directions inside your kit to begin.

The attention to thoroughness…

Angus M. | Jan 13, 2014

This morning I obtained the results of my DNA testing from my doctor…