How Much Does DNA Testing Cost?

DNA Testing at Home

The cost of a paternity test varies, depending on what type of test you need. If you need paternity test results that can be used as a legal document, then a Legal DNA Test must be performed.
But if you just want DNA paternity testing for your own knowledge, using an at home paternity test may be the best option.

You can purchase a DDC home paternity test kit from one of our retail stores near you. Remember, a home test is for personal knowledge only. The test result is not a legal document and cannot stand up in court.

The cost of the home DNA test kit from Walgreens is about $30. After you have completed the DNA
swab test, you can mail the test swabs back to our laboratory for testing, and there is an $119 laboratory
test fee for processing your results.

Legal Paternity Testing

A legal DNA paternity test may be used as a legal document to provide proof in court situations.
If you plan on using your test results for any legal reason — now or in the future — this is the test to purchase.

You may purchase a Home Paternity Test kit that can be converted to a Legal Test from a Walgreens store near you* (or order from Walgreens online). The cost of the DNA Test kit is about $30, and offers a discounted laboratory test fee with kit purchase! Once you have purchased the Home DNA Test kit, simply call us to set up a professional DNA collection appointment. Our knowledgeable case managers will explain the process. During the appointment, a professional will confirm the identity of the alleged father and child and collect DNA test swabs from each.

*If you live in the state of New York, you may only purchase a court admissible (Legal) paternity test kit. Simply find a store that carries the DDC DNA test kit and follow the instructions.

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