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Paternity Leave Is Increasingly Common

Paternity leave is a trending topic in the business world. In fact, many companies are expanding existing parental leave programs to address the needs of adoptive parents, same-sex parents, and many other families. Just this week, Amazon announced a new paid paternity and maternity leave policy—six weeks for dads, twenty weeks for moms. Parental leave… Read more »

Facts about DNA Paternity Testing

A Few Facts About DNA Paternity Testing In this day and age, more children are growing up in fatherless homes than 20-30 years ago. While some of these children will eventually go on to learn who their fathers are, others won’t. Can you imagine not knowing your own father is, perhaps only hearing rumors about… Read more »

The History of DNA and Paternity Testing

Home paternity testing has proven to be a remarkable tool when it comes to establishing relationships. The evolution of technology means that a DNA test can identify paternity and other relationships with nearly 100 percent certainty. Before the advent of DNA testing, scientists used a number of biological techniques. Eye Color During the 1800s, the… Read more »

What is a DNA Paternity Test?

A paternity test is used to determine whether or not a child came from a potential father. A paternity test can resolve any doubts that the parents may have. Some expecting parents delay taking a paternity test because they are unsure how it works. They don’t understand how simple the process is, or they think… Read more »